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About Lisa Schulz

I’m a copywriter, creative writer and editor. I’ve written for online stores and retailers such as Disney, Hot Topic, Forever 21, Kohl’s, and Boston Store.

My words have increased sales at globally-loved companies and small businesses. I’ve broken first-hour sales records, exceeded sales forecasts multiple times, and I’ve landed my product descriptions in the Top 5 Weekly Bestsellers List.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College Chicago in Magazine Writing & Editing with a minor in Creative Writing. I began my career as a news reporter and interviewed celebrities on the red carpet. I quickly learned that that creative writing was my true superpower. With it, I’ve helped teams exceed their fiscal goals, keep loyal customers, and win new ones.

When I’m not writing copy or volunteering at a dog shelter as a graphic designer, you can find me researching (and trying on!) new trends at the mall, working on my fiction novel, learning new dance choreography, conquering a video game, or cuddling with my kitty (who has a very cozy cat tree, thanks to my Instagram-contest-winning storytelling skills.)



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