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O de Rose – I created a product description ad for a high-end med spa in the Orange County, California.
Hot Topic – This funny beauty product description is for everyday eyeliner advertised to a teenage demographic.
shopDisney – I created a new voice for high-end items to appeal to millennials.
(They liked this $650 necklace!)
shopDisney – I researched & wrote copy for Black Panther items before the $1.3 billion-grossing film was released.
Hot Topic – I used a mix of humor and research for this makeup palette that became a weekly Top 5 Bestseller.
Hot Topic – I used a fun, situational description to highlight the functionality of character-branded items.

social media ad copy

Pinterest – I worked with designers to add personality traits to perfumes and used SEO for consumers under 35.
Instagram video – I added an emotional caption to promote views and shopping for the Easter holiday.
Instagram carousel ad – I used an upselling technique for the 35+ crowd interested in Avengers.
Instagram Story Ad – I worked with designers remotely to add headlines and product descriptions.
Pinterest – I created urgency around holiday shopping while sparking gift ideas with our biggest toy brands.
Facebook Pay Per Lead Ad – I wrote creative copy to capture the comfort of a new product from a global brand.

digital / email

Kohl’s – Our tagline was used in the new Milwaukee Bucks stadium, which attracted audiences for the NBA finals.
Fitbit – I wrote family-focused headlines and descriptions for this Fitbit spotlight on the Kohl’s website.
Kohl’s email – This email, written in the voice of a store manager, increased same-day in-store sales!

Content Writing samples

Blog Posts

Moolay Media Agency for client
O de Rose
– A sample web page for services offered by the high-end med spa located in Orange County, CA.
Moolay Media Agency for client BuyAnyCBD – An article educating readers on CBD for pets on Shopify.
Moolay Media Agency for client Gratitude Lodge – An addiction recovery listicle optimized for SEO centered around holiday advice.
Harla Lifestyle – A fashion and travel blog post written on Shopify to promote resort wear.
Harla Lifestyle – A fashion blog post on Shopify for Cochella goers and bohemian lifestyle lovers.
Proactive Health Labs – A doctor-reviewed article that gives an alternative to yoga.

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